Coca-Cola Launches Vintage Clothing Line [Pics]

Coca-Cola Launches Vintage Clothing Line [Pics]
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The drinks brand joins forces with Human Made and a major Japanese retailer to create a casual collection with that old-school and classic appeal.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 march 2013

Nigo, the designer behind Human Made, has combined powers with Coca-Cola and the Japanese retailer Beams in a project that has everyone excited and giddy. The three decided to bring back the classic Coca-Cola logos and emblems and incorporate them with modern streetwear style. The resulting collection, which includes pieces such as the vintage graphic tee, classic work shirt and coveralls, is a throwback to old school worker’s fashion.


For Nigo the project is a long time coming since he proclaims to be a fan of Coca-Cola even when he was still a teen, having worn vintage shirts and jackets with the brand on them. The designer also looks back fondly on his days playing with the retro Coca-Cola yo-yo, which was part of the inspiration for this vintage collection.

The collection not only includes classic workwear  but also the basics–t-shirts, sweaters and caps. You can browse through the collection on Beams’ Online Shop.


Coca-Cola x Human Made by Beams

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