Workout Clothing Changes Color Based On Body Temperature

Workout Clothing Changes Color Based On Body Temperature

Shirts by Radiate Athletics let you see how hard you are working out.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 march 2013

For some of us, just walking to the gym feels like a workout. And when we get there, any exercise is good exercise, and when we break a sweat, we know we are working hard. But the folks at Radiate Athletics have a better way: an exercise shirt that not only keeps you dry but also changes color based on the heat given off by your body, showing which muscles are actually burning.

Currently available through Kickstarter (where it surpassed its goal in two days), Radiate uses color change technology and thermochromic inks and dyes that change color as the temperature changes, revealing the current level of your performance in terms of output of heat.


Radiate comments:

As you work out in the gym or compete in your favorite sport, your body does incredible things to reach its maximum performance–veins expand, metabolism increases, muscles swell, and your body radiates warmth. You are an extraordinary machine.  The Radiate shirt finally allows us to see calories as they burn, muscles as they reach their maximum output, vascular activation, and body temperature as it increases in key areas of your body.

The shirt is eco-friendly with non-toxic dyes and is using Kickstarter to bring all the manufacturing to America. It is also your standard moisture-wicking exercise shirt intended to keep sweat away, but actually looks as if you are sweating a different color when it heats up. This is useful for targeting certain muscles or to verify that you are actually working as hard as it feels.

Check out the video below of a very strong man testing the shirt and feeling the burn:

Radiate Athletics



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