A Craigslist For Unwanted Items Left On The Street

A Craigslist For Unwanted Items Left On The Street

Trashswag helps people find salvageable materials like lumber or furniture that others have thrown out.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 march 2013

People often leave old furniture and other items on the street instead of selling or disposing of them. ‘Trashswag,’ a Toronto-based company, aims to help people in the area discover unwanted materials they might find useful.

The crowdmap enables people to share and post salvageable items that have been left outside so others can find and collect them. You can report items by using the iPhone or Android apps, sending an email, tweeting with the hashtag #trashswag, or filling out a form on the website.

A Craigslist For Unwanted Items Left On The Street

You just take a photo, add some information, and pin it to a map showing its location. You can also sign up to receive email alerts when new items are posted in your area. The site features items such as tables, chairs, panels, doors, timber, bricks, etc., with almost 100 reports listed. Trashswag’s founder, Doug Firr, told Wired:

I was working on a project with some artists in Toronto and we would text each other picture messages of found materials along with the address or intersection, and it got tricky because once you start paying attention you become aware of how much stuff is actually left on the curb… It started out between me and my friends and as it’s growing I’m still figuring out what it will become. At its core, it’s for people who love the idea that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


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