Tiny Cube Turns Any Speaker Into A Bluetooth Device

Tiny Cube Turns Any Speaker Into A Bluetooth Device

'The Vamp' attaches magnetically to speakers and enables them to receive songs from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 march 2013

The Vamp‘ is a tiny cube designed for people who have an old, quality speaker but wish that it could connect to their new devices. It attaches to a speaker and gives it Bluetooth connectivity, essentially making conventional speakers more useful with new advances in technology.

The Vamp can transform an old speaker in a way it has never been used before. It brings life back to the old speakers people might have lying around, turning them into portable Bluetooth speakers that deliver great sound at an affordable price.

Tiny Cube Gives Conventional Speakers Bluetooth Connectivity

The device can receive sound from any Bluetooth-enabled device like your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It can be positioned anywhere on a speaker, by simply sticking the metal disc supplied onto the speaker, and will stay in place magnetically.

The Vamp is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and you can receive one in red, white, or black for a pledge of £35 ($53). Check out the campaign video below to learn more about it:

The Vamp

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