Play Music With The Shake Of A Cube

Play Music With The Shake Of A Cube
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No more tedious clicking, Sifteo provides a more hands on approach to listening to your tunes.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 march 2013

Sifteo Cubes were originally designed as a way to make games more interactive. They’ve become so much more, especially as a way to make listening to music a lot more interesting than just scrolling through a list of songs on Spotify.

The cubes in combination with a speaker let you turn music into an experience again.

In their most basic form, you can shake one of the cubes to shuffle between songs but they’re capable of more than that.

You can set each of the different cubes to represent a style of music, a friend’s play list or particular band. Say you’ve got a summer jams play list on one cube, just place it next to the controlling cube and you’ll soon be re-living those days gone by. Get bored of that, no problem, just place your chill out mix next to your summer jams and they’ll start playing instead.

sifteo cube nirvana

Maybe you’ve got different music for different tasks around the house; cleaning, cooking or reading. Just leave one of the cubes lying around where you normally carry out said task and give it a shake when you’re ready to get started.

It could even be a great way to make parties more interesting, load a few different genres on to the cubes and let your guests take control of the music.

You can view the cubes in action below:

Sifteo Cubes

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