Facebook-Style Newsfeed Logs Bedroom Conquests

Facebook-Style Newsfeed Logs Bedroom Conquests

BootyLog is an app that lets users document sex, flirting, breakups, booty calls, crushes, hook ups, hot dates, and more.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 march 2013

BootyLog is a free app that lets users anonymously document their bedroom encounters. You can record everything you experience as well as browse other people’s encounters to get ideas.

It was created by Bedsider, an online birth control support network for women aged 18-29 which is operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, a private non-profit organization. They write that BootyLog’s purpose is “to normalize conversations about sex to make for a healthier environment–and healthier people–through better decision-making.”

Digital 'Little Black Book' Records Bedroom Conquests

BootyLog is like a ‘little black book’ for recording anything and everything related to sex, flirting, relationships, breakups, crushes, hot dates, and more. You can create an account and record your own experiences or view what other anonymous users are up to.

The Activity page lets you search by everyone using the app, people near you, followers, and people you’re following. The Booty Map displays the types of encounters people are having in your area, each as a color coded dot.

The Explore page enables you to scroll through different categories such as Meaningful, Intimate, Romantic, Sweet, Hot, Intense, Adventurous, Bad, Drunk, Forgettable, etc. You can check out the BootyLog video below:


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