Standard Keyboard Gets Revamped To Make Touchscreen Typing Easier

Standard Keyboard Gets Revamped To Make Touchscreen Typing Easier

Indiegogo-funded Minuum iteration aims to make typing faster and more efficient in tune with today's smaller screens.

Betsy Mead
  • 21 march 2013

Given today’s changing digital landscape, it seems that the traditional keyboard is in need of a redesign. The Minuum, created by Canadian-based Whirlscape, is a keyboard that aims to make typing on ever-shrinking tech more user friendly. Instead of the traditional arrangement of three rows, the new contraption will feature one row, to avoid screen clutter and increase visibility. It will keep the QWERTY arrangement largely intact to minimize confusion.

The innovation is planned for use on tablets and smartphones and will incorporate an auto correct function in for maximum efficiency. It will also be customizable, so it can be positioned and resized according to its user’s needs, and accessible to non-English-speaking users, who can add additional letters to the pre-existing 26 plus standard symbols.

For those already excited by the prospect, a public beta of its iOS and Android versions will be rolled out later in 2013 with an official release slated for 2014. It could, Techcrunch suggests, be potentially used in conjunction with Miscrosoft Kinect, or ‘hardware designed to detect fine motor movement like the forthcoming MYO armband.’

As co-founder Will Walmsley said to Techcrunch,

All of the different kinds of techniques people have been working on are really focused on touch screens, and everyone is starting to build swipe into their different kinds of keyboards. I think the future of small devices is not going to be limited to touchscreen things. Given that we have devices that are as smart as they are, thinking beyond the touchscreen just makes a lot of sense.

The ‘little keyboard for big fingers’ is currently being promoted on indiegogo and has 28 days left to reach its stated goal of $10,000, which it has already surpassed, but is yet to attain its ‘stretch’ goal of $60,000.

See how it works in the video below.


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