EBay And Goodwill Team Up To Get Rid Of Shopper’s Unwanted Clothes

EBay And Goodwill Team Up To Get Rid Of Shopper’s Unwanted Clothes

Unsold clothes in the online auction house's Sell It Forward program gets donated to the major charity.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 march 2013

eBay, the popular online marketplace has it made easier for people to get rid of unwanted clothes and it can mean additional income or a tax deduction as a result of donating to Goodwill.

eBay has come up with the Sell It Forward program as a way to encourage people to sell their things online without having to go through the usual steps involved in listing an item for sale. All potential sellers need to do is sign up on the program website and wait. For the pre-paid mailing bag, that is. After the sellers sign up, eBay sends them a free postage mailer which sellers use to send back the unwanted clothes that they need taken off their hands. eBay then sends off those items to its program partner Goodwill who will take care of assessing which items can be sold as well as the actual selling of the items. Goodwill sells the items on their eBay online store or in their off-line stores. The original owner of the items receives 50% of any sales and the rest goes to Goodwill. Any item not sold within 14 days also goes to Goodwill and the owner receives a tax receipt for the donation.

The Sell It Forward program is specially designed for items like clothing, bags, and shoes. These items must still be in good and wearable or usable condition to be considered for sale or donation.

The program is perfect for anyone looking for a win-win situation when it comes to getting rid of fashion items they don’t want to use anymore. As it says on the program website, “Clean up, cash in, do good.”

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