Speaker Lets People Send Emojis As Sounds

Speaker Lets People Send Emojis As Sounds

For every emoji, the Telesound speaker has at least one sound to give more expression to texting.

Daniela Walker
  • 5 march 2013

Although emojis have added a level of expression to texting, the written mode of communication still falls short of saying what you really feel. Telesound, a portable speaker, brings emojis to life, turning them into sounds and adding a new dimension to texting.

Telesound connects wirelessly to a smartphone or speaker via bluetooth and with the free app, the user may then authorize people to send them sounds. There are over 1,000 sounds that correspond to each of the emojis so that when they are texted to the Telesound owner, they are transformed into sound. If you want to send your loved one a kiss, a pair of lips is nice, but the smacking sounds of a kiss planted on a cheek is even better.


Most emojis have more than one sound linked to it and if several are used at once, it will create a composite, so if your friend texts you several laughing faces, you will hear a gigantic laugh. Should you get annoyed by the intrusive nature of sound-emojis, you can simply turn the speaker over to turn it off.

Telesound is currently searching for backing on Kickstarter, where $34 will get you one speaker, a soft protective bag and the chance to annoy friends to no end.

Hear the sound of emojis below:



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