Inflatable Tent Turns Into Concrete With Water [Video]

Inflatable Tent Turns Into Concrete With Water [Video]
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Flexible material hardens up when it's wet to become a shelter.

Yi Chen
  • 8 march 2013

The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a large inflatable tent made from a unique and highly functional material. It’s made from a canvas-like fabric that’s flexible and lightweight. However, when water is added to the material, it hardens into concrete.

The tent was created by a U.K-based company, which was originally developed for military use and also in an event of a natural disaster where sturdy shelters need to be resurrected quickly.


In test conditions, the inflatable canvas shelter was able to be erected by two people without any training in under an hour. Once the concrete hardens, the building is ready to be used in 24 hours.

The shelter comes delivered flat-packed in airtight and water- and rot-proof sacks. Once the electric fan is activated, it’s able to blow up the the plastic structure. Once the tent is fully inflated, you can simply hose down the outside with water to turn the canvas fabric into a solid material.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Concrete Canvas Shelter


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