Students Set Up Fake Train Station To Protest For Better Public Transit

Students Set Up Fake Train Station To Protest For Better Public Transit
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The Purple Line Project created a fake train station to demonstrate what Miami could be like with a better transportation system.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 march 2013

Living in a large city with relatively good public transportation means you often take it for granted. London has 11 lines and 270 stations and New York, the most extensive public transportation system in the world, has 34 lines serving 421 stations. But go down to Florida, and you’ll find that the bustling metropolis of Miami has only 2 lines, and 23 stations. So you can understand the frustration of the students at Florida Atlantic and why they created the Purple Line Project to highlight the need for a better system.


The project set up a fake train station for a weekend to simulate what it would be like to have more transit stops, and also show how this development would lead to a cultural enriching of the neighborhoods with train stations. Often with transportation links comes a slew of other business such as cafes, farmers markets as well as street art and musicians; let’s not forget the buskers who make commutes a little bit brighter. The Purple Line created an environment that demonstrated all these things, to give a feel for what Miami is missing.

Marta Viciedo, an organizer for the Purple Line told the Miami New Times:

We’re trying to show artistically what can happen when you have an improved transit system. Miami can’t grow to its full potential without a better transportation system, especially for the urban areas.


The community came out in droves of support, and were given an opportunity to vent at a ‘transit confession booth’ as well as write down what they wanted for their city. Many wanted to see more trains and less traffic, as one person wrote:

I would love a train in Miami so I could commute like a human being rather than as a motorist.

Purple Line Project

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