Hotel Features Indoor Farmer’s Market

Hotel Features Indoor Farmer’s Market
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Dean Moran's design concept, The Allotment Hotel, would focus on local food as much as accommodation.

Yi Chen
  • 22 march 2013

Architect Dean Moran came up with a concept hotel where the focus isn’t just on accommodation, but the “underlying principle of  of local food.” Moran imagines The Allotment hotel to be situated in downtown New York City where guests, travelers, and locals can come together over food.


Moran explained in a statement that:

For me it wasn’t so much a question of ‘what can I think of to make an interesting hotel,’ but more ‘what would be an interesting theme to bring tourists and New Yorkers, or people in general, together.

The hotel will include a market where everyday shops can sell their locally-produced food. All food sold “is produced within 100 km of New York City and grown with sustainable principles.” The produce from the market will also be used as part of the Allotment Restaurant, where guests can see and choose their ingredients for their dish.


There’s also an open-air courtyard in the center of the hotel that allows as much natural light in as possible. When the sun is setting, it will give the rooms and the outdoor area a golden glow.

Moran was the winner of the Rethink Hotels competition for his The Allotment idea. There are no concrete plans to build the hotel, but it would be a great idea we would certainly like to see it conceptualized in the near future.

Dean Moran

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