Oreo Separation Machine Is A Miniature Ferris Wheel [Video]

Oreo Separation Machine Is A Miniature Ferris Wheel [Video]

London-based art collective Dentaku creates an imaginative machine with a knife that features in-the-air splicing.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 march 2013

In the third of a series of four innovative ideas presented by Wieden + Kennedy to separate Oreo cookies, the London-based conceptual artist collective Dentaku created an imaginative machine that looks like a miniature ferris wheel.

The contraption aims to blur “the line between art and deliciousness.” It pairs with an exacto knife for in-the-air splicing, for those who just like to eat the cookie and not the creme.

Third Oreo Separating Machine Is A Toy Ferris Wheel [Video]

The results aren’t as precise as the other two machines we’ve covered, but in the end, the team gets it to work. These Oreo separators show there is more than one way to eat an Oreo and more than one way to get just the cookie or creme.

You can check out the ferris wheel-style machine in the video below:


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