Streaming Service Offers Free Movies If Users Watch Personalized Ads

Streaming Service Offers Free Movies If Users Watch Personalized Ads

HitBliss allows members to watch shows without any interruptions by earning points up front.

Yi Chen
  • 5 march 2013

HitBliss is a new streaming service that allows its members to view entertainment content for free online. However, unlike similar streaming websites like Hulu, HitBliss allows users to accumulate a cash balance and then use it towards TV shows and movies

To earn these cash points, users will need to engage with personalized brand messages, which includes video ads, surveys, and even games. The targeted ads can be highly personalized and users can choose whether to share information such as age, gender, income, web, and search history. The more the user wishes to share, the faster than can earn their credits.


By earning the cash points up front, it means that the user can watch a show or movie without any interruptions. Sharon Peyer, co-found and VP of HitBliss, commented that:

We started this in 2008 with a vision to find a way for people to access the content that they want online without having to endure intrusive ads when they’re watching it, or being confined to [paying] by credit card.

The startup has already gained a partnership with large movie studios and production houses, including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, and Starz.


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