Photos Sent To Surprise Users’ Future Selves

Photos Sent To Surprise Users’ Future Selves

ThrowBack is an app that explores the idea of nostalgia by letting users schedule photos to be sent to friends in the future.

Ryan Rowe
  • 27 march 2013

In this world of instant gratification, ThrowBack is the latest photo app vying for the attention of users, offering the warm embrace of past memories, selling nostalgia to its users.

Available for free now on iOS, ThrowBack lets you take pictures in the present and then choose a time in the future to send them to yourself or a group of friends.

ThrowBack makes it simple: After registering with your email, you take a photo or choose one from your photo album, select a date or a general range of time up to five years and ThrowBack sends you your selected photo to yourself in the future.  You can even spontaneously amaze your future self by selecting “surprise,” however the earliest ThrowBack will deliver a photo is one month.

Each photo arrives in the form of an email attachment so you will be able to save it to your camera roll, or use it in any way that you would a photo you haven’t seen in some time.  Although, the app itself does not integrate with social networks on principle due to the fact that the immediacy social networks would defeat the idea of relishing photos from the past.

ThrowBack is an alternative to the current model of bombarding the world with photos and possibly losing a unique memory, losing some impact while buried in the sea of oversharing and overexposure.

According to founder Calli Higgins, ThrowBack is an app built “out of an exploration between photography and nostalgia.”

“After researching why certain images pang us while others don’t, I realized nostalgia is conjured by revisiting something you haven’t seen in a while,” she told TechCrunch. “ThrowBack is an alternative to the current overexposure of our images and the numbness this can create.”

Amongst the countless apps that alter, splice and simply add on to the existing idea of how we consume photos, ThrowBack is carving out its own path.  For every Instagram, Vine or SnapChat that break ground in the market place,  there is a field of countless clones, so similar to each, to weed through.

ThrowBack has taken the way we have become accustomed to immediately satiating our photo-taking and sharing desires and added the emotional element of nostalgia.

As ThrowBack works through some of its growing pains, look for updated features to include some form of social network integration by auto-tweeting pictures into the future or possibly posting pictures to the Facebook Timeline of a friend years down the road.


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