Game Controller Designed For The Feet

Game Controller Designed For The Feet

Stinky is a pad controlled using your feet, which features four programmable buttons and adjustable tension.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 march 2013

Stinky‘ is a PC gaming controller that uses your feet instead of your hands for certain functions in games. Meant to be used in conjunction with your hands, it is said to be especially useful in first-person shooter games, as you could use it for secondary functions like weapon changing or throwing a grenade.

The board doesn’t make gaming any more active, as you can use it seated, but it offers to increase your actions per minute. Stinky, which plugs into your PC’s USB port, uses patented R2N technology for quick and precise responses, while your foot remains in a relaxed position.

PC Gaming Controller Designed For Your Feet

There are four programmable buttons, adjustable tension, and a unique “cross” shape, which all provide customization. You can position the board up or down, and use one foot or two. Stinky’s “C-Point” enables multi-button activation without lifting your foot. You just tilt it forward or back, or roll side-to-side to activate any of the four buttons.

The responsiveness and stiffness of the footboard can be altered with user-adjustable tension boxes. There are also six replaceable springs included that range from soft to hard, which can be screwed in to customize the performance and feel. The foot controller is due to launch on Kickstarter soon and you can sign up on Stinky’s site to be notified when it launches. You can check out the video below to see the board in action:


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