Google Image Montage Demonstrates Essential Human Curiosity

Google Image Montage Demonstrates Essential Human Curiosity

Artist puts together search images in a way that makes viewers see them in a new light.

Betsy Mead
  • 29 march 2013

Artist Dina Kelberman decided to put her exhibition at The New Museum entirely online. Much of her work stems from the connection between seemingly unconnected images an information, and her I’m Google blog is a central part of this.

The project, which was begun in 2011, features images drawn from Google Searches, juxtaposed, in a way that makes pictures, on first glance, unconnected, somehow become connected. Kelberman recognizes that with the advent of Google Search, it’s possible to get images of pretty much anything that you could ever wish to search for. The way she has rearranged her images forces the viewer to draw mental connections that might not be easy to see if the items were looked at individually.

What does this mean for creativity? Perhaps that it doesn’t function in a vacuum, and that strange connections can lead to major insights!

To get a taste of her work, peruse the gallery below.

I’m Google

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