Google Insights Reveal What People Are Searching For

Google Insights Reveal What People Are Searching For

Brands can obtain visually compelling data about their audience’s online presence.

Sofia Johansson
  • 22 march 2013


The web search giant Google lends a helping hand to your business, webpage and blog by providing up-to-the-millisecond accurate and relevant information about your target market/audience’s online habits.

What did people search for that led them to your business? Google’s Real Time Insight Finder lets you see the exact terms typed and combinations used. You can monitor how many blog posts were written that mentioned you and your competitors including how many videos were watched online today- Which videos are the most popular and what was typed on laptops, computers, iPads and mobile devices around the world to make them so?

Google’s commitment to your business #1: Win the moments that matter.
Deliver your brand’s messages and experiences to the right people, at the right time, wherever they are. And do that at scale. This combination is the most effective and powerful marketing conceivable — and digital makes it possible.

Whether or not you have previously come across this bundle of readily available information about your audience’s habits and relationship to your business, you can rest assured that this interactive online demo will lead you down the yellow brick road of further discovery.


Google’s commitment to your business #2: Enable better decisions.
With big data comes big opportunity. Access unique customer, industry and performance insights that steer you to smart, fast and confident choices.

Chances are that you have previously come across, and rightfully stuck with, some of its [Real-Time Insights] features as a way of understanding your online audience: You may have set up the popular ‘Alerts’ tool, an account where you receive notifications when your business or related topics are being mentioned across the cyber universe. Perhaps the success made you stumble across ‘AdWords’, the tool which allow you to simply conceptualize the online association people make with your business, blog or website through showing popular and related search terms that lead them straight to your webpage. Another of Google’s most popular tools is, understandably, ‘Trends’. Make one quick search with Trends and receive a diagram of when something has been searched for, what exact search terms were typed and from where in the world. To have this information readily available at the end of your fingertips is not just addictive but a serious game changer for any size business or blog. The best part? There’s no call for a tech-savvy ‘specialist’ employee to come across this information.

Google’s commitment to your business #3: Constantly innovate.
Technology should make life easier — for you and your customers. That means more impact, less complexity. We’ve designed our technologies to work together, taking on the heavy lifting so your business can operate at greater velocity and efficiency.

You are sure to find several of Google’s applications useful for your business. blog or webpage. Let them take on the heavy lifting and find your favourites among these [Hover over any link to read further description] Real-Time Insights Finder applicationAdPlanner, AdWords Keyword, Google Trends, YouTube Trends, What Do You love?, Google Correlate, Google Blog Search.






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