GPS Walking Cane Tracks Steps And Heart Rate

GPS Walking Cane Tracks Steps And Heart Rate

The prototype can be used for navigation or monitoring, and features a number of built-in sensors.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 march 2013

The New Generation Cane by Fujitsu will not only support people walking, it will also guide them to where they want to go. Reminiscent of the GPS shoes we saw on PSFK last year, the cane can be pre-programmed with a route using computer software, and it then shows up on top as green arrows to point the walker in the right direction.

The prototype, on show at the Mobile World Congress, can also track the user’s location. So if an elderly person is using the cane, their family can check their whereabouts on the computer using a helpful map.

Fujitsu Introduces High-Tech GPS Walking Cane

CNET reports that the cane has a number of built-in sensors. A step counter records the number of times it touches the ground as the user walks along, and a temperature and humidity sensor monitors how hot it is outside.

A sensor on the handle links to a heart rate monitor that shows up the user’s current status in big green numbers next to a heart on top of the cane. This data can also be recorded and shared with their doctor.


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