Phone Reminders Let Users Know Which Groceries Are About To Expire

Phone Reminders Let Users Know Which Groceries Are About To Expire

Keeping track of what's in your fridge could get a whole lot easier, and even save you some money with a new concept app.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 march 2013

You’re probably wasting food, we’re not accusing you of anything, it happens to everyone and it’s a difficult problem to deal with, that’s why we want to let you know about a possible solution in the future.


Two graduate students from the Miami Ad School (Christoffer Ahlen and Chelsea Frangie) have put forward an idea to the Scandanavian supermarket chain ICA. An app which will keep track of everything you’ve got in your fridge.

Not only will the app keep track of what you’ve got hiding at the back of your fridge, it will be able to tell you how long before it starts to smell rotten. Well, not quite, but it will be able to tell you when the food you’ve already got is going to expire.

Taking this a step further, it could even suggest recipes for you, based on what’s going out of date soonest. This way you’ll get a great recipe suggestion and save money on the food you might have thrown out instead.


You could also be able to cross off the items you use on a daily basis, this way you’re inventory is up to date and if there’s an item you’ve run out of, you’ll be the first to know. Making it easy to add to your shopping list, a list you could maybe even have in the same app, and maybe even get delivered to your door with online shopping.

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