Designer Shows 2-in-1 Dresses At Paris Fashion Week [Video]

Designer Shows 2-in-1 Dresses At Paris Fashion Week [Video]
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Turkish Cypriot designer Hussein Chayalan presents transformative fashion on the runway in France.

Daniela Walker
  • 5 march 2013

Hussein Chayalan is known for being innovative with his designs: in 2000 he presented furniture that turned into dresses, in 2008 there were laser and Swarovski crystal garments and in 2013 he presents a more practical yet innovative design: dresses that start as one design, before revealing another dress beneath.


Walking down the Paris runway on Friday, his F/W 2013 collection had three special dresses that appeared to be one thing, but when tugged upon by a cord at the neck, turned into an entirely different silhouette. A textured shift dress transformed into a billowing black gown and a black midi dress was pulled to reveal a paint-splattered maxi.

Chayalan said creating the transforming dresses was relatively simple with the top layer of the dress looped over the bottom layer so that when model released a flap, the bottom dress is revealed.  While the designer always likes to embed unusual elements into his designs, they are usually left to the runway shows. These dresses will actually be manufactured to be sold. As they should be, because they provides an answer to a common problem in women’s fashion — taking clothes from day to night. With this creative solution, Chayalan shows that versatility and practicality can coexist with intriguing and innovative design.


See the runway show below:

Hussein Chayalan

GIFs by Errolson Hugh

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