Can IBM’s Watson Cook Better Than A Top Chef?

Can IBM’s Watson Cook Better Than A Top Chef?

A supercomputer creates a delicious and healthy breakfast treat.

Yi Chen
  • 6 march 2013

IBM’s Watson is an artificial intelligence computer system that was developed to solve complex problems and is capable of answering questions posed in “human speak.” Most recently, the supercomputer collaborated with chef instructor James Briscione to create a ‘Spanish Crescent’ recipe.

IBM researchers have watched Briscione work and how he goes about selecting ingredients to create a dish. These notes were fed through to Watson, who has studied over 20,000 recipes, data on food chemistry, and ratings from various people in categories like ‘olfactory pleasantness.’


The pastry Watson had come up with was based on the criteria that it had to be unusual, healthy, and inspired by a Spanish cuisine. The ingredients of the pastry include cocoa, saffron, black pepper, almonds, honey, and replaces butter with vegetable oil instead.

Briscione had to work these ingredients and adjust the portions to create the breakfast treat. He commented that, “If I could have used butter, it would have been a lot easier.”

Michael Karasick, director of IBM’s Almaden lab, tried the Spanish crescents for breakfast and said that they were “pretty good.”


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