Ice Cream Shop Dresses Up A Delicious But Ugly Dessert

Ice Cream Shop Dresses Up A Delicious But Ugly Dessert

Spanish store Eyescream uses leftover Taiwanese ice shavings to create a prettier, and just as tasty, sweet.

Betsy Mead
  • 25 march 2013

Ice shavings aren’t pretty but they can often taste rather good. Eyescream, a new venture based in Barcelona, has decided to capitalize on this trend by putting ice shavings in a more aesthetically appealing format, complete with google-eye accessories to entice customers to eat.

The team behind Happy Pills, a candy store in the city, is behind this new innovation, which seeks to transform this Taiwanese dessert into something more appealing to the European eye and palette. The sweet is usually composed of shredded ice topped off with syrup and studded with goodies such as beans, jellies and corn kernels. It can be found in several iterations across Asia; in Singapore, it is known as an Ice Kachang.

However, the creators have decided to ‘deconstruct’ the dish and separate out the ice cream and other parts, so that consumers can select how much or how little they wish to add to their ‘eyescream.’

Get a taste of what to expect by looking at the gallery below.


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