Food Brand Provides Recipes For Restaurant Dishes On Instagram [Video]

Food Brand Provides Recipes For Restaurant Dishes On Instagram [Video]

CT Food encourages its customers to take pictures of their restaurant meals to receive instructions on how to prepare them.

Yi Chen
  • 7 march 2013

Most restaurants disapprove of patrons photographing their meals, and some restaurants have gone as far as banning customers from taking Instagram pictures. However, CT Food in Sweden has created a campaign to encourage more users to take photos of restaurant foods so they can replicate the dish at home.

CT Food, a supplier for Asian foods in Sweden, believes that it can create value for its customers through “education and skills.” Users can submit a photo of the meal they’re enjoying, and someone from CT Food will send them the recipe with an ingredient list and how to make it for themselves. Of course, the cuisine is primarily Asian foods, ranging from sushi, laksa soups, to fried noodles and marinated pork. Users can simply address any cooking questions to @askctfood.

Watch the promotional video below:

CT Food

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