Light Installation Visualizes Real-Time Searches Of Library Goers [Video]

Light Installation Visualizes Real-Time Searches Of Library Goers [Video]

Hundreds of optic cables used to illustrate the collective curiosity of daily queries.

Yi Chen
  • 4 march 2013

Filament Mind is a lighting and tech installation that visualises the “collective curiositites and questions of Teton County Library” in Wyoming, USA. The installation includes hundreds of suspending threads that glow and flash in different colors whenever a library visitor performs a search on the online library catalog.

There are 1,000 fiber optic cables that correspond to a specific category in the Dewey Decimal System. Subjects include social sciences, arts, literature, history, psychology, philosophy, languages, and so on. When a patron searches for specific topic, the fiber optic cable corresponding to it simultaneously lights up.


Filament Mind was designed by Brian W. Brush, Yong Ju Lee, and Noa Younse. The designers explain that:

The installation aspires to illustrate how community is cultivated through the delicate weaving of our thoughts, desires, and questions exchanged and imparted on each other and our environments.

Watch the video below to see this intriguing and unique art project:

Filament Mind


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