The Tiny Games iPhone app suggests offline games for you to play with your buds.

Ever been to a dinner party where everyone is either bored out of their wits or just paying too much attention to their phones or tablets? Well, there's a new iPhone app that can help you turn your boring cellphone party into a fun and interactive game session with friends.

Tiny Games is a new iPhone app created by UK-based design studio Hide & Seek and it helps you come up with real world games that you can play with your friends in different places and situations.

The app asks you for certain information such as where you are, how many people you are with, as well as what kind of items are available in your area. Then it gives you the rules or instructions on how to play a specific game. The app even provides certain items like timer and dice if they aren't available physically. There are over a hundred games available and all of them are fresh, fun and silly enough to liven up an otherwise dull time.

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