Birchbox For Kids Lets Them Experience New Products

Birchbox For Kids Lets Them Experience New Products

Box of Awesome provides children with unique items from startups and big brands in a bi-montly package.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 18 march 2013

Birchbox has been a very popular success, drawing in a large consumer base. Having recognized this, Dylan Collins recently launched ‘Box Of Awesome’ which has been described as a ‘Birchbox for kids,’ providing unique items from various companies.

Box of Awesome, which provides product to young girls and boys, is intended for 8-14 year olds and provides catered products more to their demographic.

Subscribers are sent a bi-monthly box filled with books, music, movies, crafts and other surprising goods from both reputable and small start up brands. In paying for inclusion in the box, companies are given the rare opportunity to cut through the hard to reach young demographic and be discovered by young children everywhere.

When children receive a box, they are asked to give feedback on each item they receive, in order for the company to give value to the boxes they send out to subscribers.

Collins explains:

The really cool thing is we’ve got a huge variety of items in our box. If anything, we think that the number of items will increase over time. It’s like we’re becoming a specialist startup retail platform, which is rather brilliant.

Box of Awesome


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