LG Phone Plays And Pauses Video Based On User Attention

LG Phone Plays And Pauses Video Based On User Attention

'Smart Video’ uses eye tracking to automatically stop playback if it detects the viewer isn't looking at the screen.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 march 2013

LG has announced a new ‘Smart Video’ feature for the Optimus G Pro, which will be introduced as part of a Value Pack update in Korea next month. The feature adds eye tracking to enhance the experience of viewing videos on a mobile device.

It eliminates the need to manually control playback, using advanced eye recognition technology to identify the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically play or pause the video.

New LG Feature Plays And Pauses Video Based On Eye Tracking

So if you are watching a video on your phone and you turn around to chat to your roommate, you don’t need to rewind to catch up with what you missed as it will auto pause when it detects your eyes aren’t focused on the screen. Then when you turn back to your phone, the video will resume playback from the point last viewed.

This ‘Smart Video’ feature will also be made available for some LG premium smartphones in the future. Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG, said:

LG is continuously innovating to offer creative ways to offer a user experience that adds value to our customers. It’s the positive UX that will differentiate smartphones in 2013 and beyond, not only cutting-edge hardware specs.


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