Panorama Of London Made Of 48,000 Individual Photographs

Panorama Of London Made Of 48,000 Individual Photographs

The 360-degree, 320 mega-pixel photo is the largest panoramic image ever created.

Yi Chen
  • 4 march 2013

The BT Tower panorama of London currently holds the world record of the largest panoramic photo. The photo shows the city in incredible detail and allows viewers to zoom into the image to reveal cars, pedestrians, and even legible street signs.

The 360-degree panoramic photo is 320 gigapixels in resolution and consists of over 48,000 individual photos stitched together. Photographers Jeffry Martin, Tom Mills, and Holger Schulze spent three days on the rooftop of the BT Tower to take the photos.

The photographers had set up four Canon EOS 7D cameras fitted with telephoto lenses. The cameras were also attached to a Clauss Rodeon VR Head ST robotic panorama mounts. Around $100,000 of gear was used to capture the shots.


Post-production took months as the photographers had to manually put all the photos together into one. Martin commented that:

This took a serious toll on my mental health. I am extremely happy to be finally putting this image out to the public and letting it see the light of day. Of course there are errors in the image. In the end we had to deliver it to the client with a deadline which had already slipped by months. At any rate, there are far fewer errors in the image that I expected. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have the time, you can also try to find BT’s “Buzby” mascot, which is hidden somewhere in the panaroma.

BT Panorama London

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