Microsoft Depicts How We Will Communicate In The Next Five Years [Video]

Microsoft Depicts How We Will Communicate In The Next Five Years [Video]

Software Company opens an Envisioning Center, presenting the potential ways technology could change our lives.

Daniela Walker
  • 7 march 2013

Microsoft has seen a vision of the future, and it involves a lot of Microsoft products. To coincide with the opening of the Microsoft Envisioning Center in Redmond, Washington, the software company released a video demonstrating a possible version of the future – except this is no concept video, but a vision of life in just five to ten years, with technology that we currently use. This isn’t science fiction, but potential reality.

The Envisioning Center shows a world where everything is voice and touch-activated, and technology that we are familiar with, such as tablets, are translated onto a larger scale. Every home would have a family wall – a 21st century fridge door – with picture displays, digital notes and the possibility to watch videos at the command of your voice. Work can be seamlessly integrated between devices with the swipe of a finger and skyping Grandma will have never been easier.

In a blog post Microsoft editor Steve Clayton wrote:

I like to think of it as a concept car that allows us to share what it might be like to experience future technologies with visitors, get their feedback, tweak, remix and discuss. It’s all part of advancing the trends we think have the greatest potential.

Just as technology has already entirely changed the way the world communicates and stays connected, Microsoft sees the trend continuing on a more seamless and deeper level within the home. While the company says the Center is not making any predictions as to products, just indications of where technology may be going, visitors to the Center certainly won’t have difficult envisioning this very possible future.


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