Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With Gestures

Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With Gestures

PassBan is introducing a wristband that can be used to authenticate your online information with a shake or a tap.

Emma Hutchings
  • 4 march 2013

Mobile security provider PassBan has announced a wearable verification device that authenticates a mobile phone or tablet user. This smart wristband will enable the wearer to make their mobile apps secure and unlock them with simple gestures. Similarly, last month Google proposed the idea of physical passwords like a USB drive or ID ring. PassBan’s bracelet works with any mobile device running the PassBan mobile user authentication client (supported on Android and iOS). Once the wearer is in the vicinity of their device, PassBan pairs them and mobile apps can be unlocked with gestures or by tapping on the wristband.

Bracelet Unlocks Mobile Devices With A Simple Gesture

Users can also combine wearable verification with other methods, such as face or voice verification and location check. Mashable reports that the wristband will be available in a couple of weeks and the company hopes to sell it for under $20. PassBan’s co-founder and CEO Kayvan Alikhani said:

PassBan has taken a fresh approach to mobile identity, and wearable verification is the logical next step to providing a higher form of security by eliminating the need to carry around key fobs, use predictable & hackable passwords or using unsecure SMS tokens. Wearing your identity device as a wristband introduces a seamless path to identifying you on your smartphones and tablets. Today, more advanced user authentication methods are needed without compromising ease of use, and wearable devices are the natural next factor of choice.


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