Plugin Device Monitors Vehicle Health And Alerts Drivers [Video]

Plugin Device Monitors Vehicle Health And Alerts Drivers [Video]

Automatic is a small device that syncs car information to mobile phones.

Yi Chen
  • 14 march 2013

Automatic is a tiny device that plugs into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. Once connected, it’s able to monitor the car and transfer essential information in real-time to a mobile phone.

The small dongle is able to monitor driving habits and routes, gas levels, location of the car, and how fast it’s traveling. It can remind the driver not to brake so hard or accelerate too fast in order to save fuel. Furthermore, it can even dial 911 or alert a relative when the driver is in an accident.


Automatic retails for $70 and pre-orders are set to be shipped in May, along with the launch of the app. For now, the plugin will only support cars in the U.S. and the app will work on iOS and Android devices.

Watch the video below for a product demonstration:


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