Movie Posters Double As WiFi Hotspots

Movie Posters Double As WiFi Hotspots

South Korean film distributor CJ Entertainment successfully turns movie posters into wireless hotspots for audience interaction.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 25 march 2013

QR codes are annoying – that’s a given. But, how else are users supposed to interact with 2D promotional posters and flyers?

South Korean film distributor CJ Entertainment recently teamed up with advertising agency Cheil to bring the world’s oldest and arguably ‘least popular’ ad medium into the smartphone era. CJ Entertainment’s marketing approach relies heavily on conventional poster campaigns that are becoming less and less likely to grab the attention of young moviegoers, so they turned to Cheil to create ‘movie posters 2.0’: Wi-Fi Posters.


Wi-Fi Posters are exactly what they sound like: posters that are turned into wireless hotspots. The campaign installed Wi-Fi devices on existing movie billboards, enabling users within range of the hotspot to access the network and interact with the movie.

The movie Wi-Fi networks popped-up on smartphones like a regular wireless network, and the signal was named after the movie the poster was promoting. When users joined the network, they were taken to the movie’s official webpage and log-in where they could learn about the movie, see promotional events, watch full HD trailers, and buy tickets to see the film.


The Wi-Fi Posters were installed in popular areas around Seoul for a trial run, and they yielded encouraging results. The movie’s main site saw a 28.5% increase in traffic from wireless users, and users that interacted with the movie through the Wi-Fi Posters remained on the site 5x longer than regular users. The posters also translated to success at the box office with more advance ticket sales and better openings.

The Wi-Fi Posters aim to be more hassle-free than QR codes and other interactive apps and programs, relying solely on existing Wi-Fi capabilities. The posters also stay true to CJ Entertainment’s core approach of poster campaigns, while better reaching younger audiences. In their attempt to combine an old, established form of communication and new technological capabilities, Cheil has taken an advertising medium and made what was ‘once the oldest, now the newest’.


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