A Rare Glimpse Of North Korea Through Instagram Photos [Pics]

A Rare Glimpse Of North Korea Through Instagram Photos [Pics]

Photographer David Guttenfelder has been taking geolocated pictures in the country, giving us a better idea of life and culture there.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2013

North Korea is a closed-off and secretive country but recently we have been given a glimpse thanks to Google’s new maps and the opening of Internet access to foreigners. Photographer David Guttenfelder has been sharing geolocated iPhone and iPod touch pictures from inside North Korea to Instagram since the start of the year, giving us a window into the culture and life in the country.

North Korea As Seen Through Instagram Photos [Pics]

He is one of the first people to post real-time Instagram pictures directly from Pyongyang. Until just a few weeks ago, foreigners weren’t allowed to bring mobile phones into the country. Now the local phone network provider Koryolink has opened up a 3G connection that lets them tweet and post images to social media. Guttenfelder said:

I feel I can help open a window into a place that would otherwise rarely be seen by outsiders. As one of the few international photographers who has ever had regular access to the country, I feel a huge responsibility to share what I see and to show it as accurately as I can. There are so many curious, strangely beautiful, or melancholy details around us here… These might not be typical of the news photos I usually transmit, but they offer fleeting glimpses of this country, and how it feels to be here.

Click through to see a selection of the images and check out David Guttenfelder on Instagram for more:

David Guttenfelder

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