NY Times Leaks Preview Of Website Redesign [Pics]

NY Times Leaks Preview Of Website Redesign [Pics]

The prototype version of the new look places comments next to the article so you can read them in context.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 march 2013

The NY Times has launched a preview site for a revamped web design. The prototype offers a glimpse at the new article pages, which will be the first to undergo changes. The fresh and clean look is more like a popular blog than a newspaper.

The NY Times aims to get feedback from users about the functionality, design, navigation and overall experience of the planned redesign. The public can access a preview sample of the redesigned article pages and request an invitation to test the prototype.

NY Times Offers Preview Of Website Redesign [Pics]

The changes include a more engaging design, richer integration of photos, videos and interactive story elements, more efficient customized navigation for registered users, responsive designs optimized for desktops and tablets, higher-impact presentation of advertising, improved ability to scan and discover content, and better-integrated user comments and share tools.

The redesign allows reader to quickly flip through articles to find what interests them. There is easy access to the main sections (Arts, Politics, Fashion, Business, Sports, Technology, Opinion, Travel) and the ability to make a list of shortcuts to favorite sections. The new look also offers quick access to comments and sharing, with comments placed next to the article so they can be read in context. Click through to see images of the NY Times redesign:

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