NYC Penthouse Has A Giant Four Story Slide [Pics]

NYC Penthouse Has A Giant Four Story Slide [Pics]

This apartment in lower Manhattan, designed by architect David Hotson, features the piece made from mirror polished stainless steel.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 march 2013

Architect David Hotson has designed a penthouse in New York City that features a four story steel slide, which starts in the attic and winds down to the entrance. Dezeen notes that the apartment occupies the uppermost stories of a late nineteenth century tower in lower Manhattan.

The furniture, fabrics, and finishes throughout the ‘Skyhouse’ were designed by Ghislaine Viñas. The tubular slide, made from mirror polished stainless steel, emerges through a circular hole in the glass partition at the south end of the attic.

NYC Penthouse With A Four Story Slide [Pics]

It coils around the column over the guest bedroom, slips through a glass window and out over the stairs. At the bedroom entrance, a landing enables people to get out on the third level or re-enter the slide and continue down to the entrance level.

The lower section coils down into the library, where it flares out to create a distorted rectangular mirror and ends in the entrance at the foot of the staircase. A window in the slide lets in natural light and provides anyone using the slide with fleeting views of the penthouse on their journey down. Click through to see pictures of the four story slide:

David Hotson

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