Old Spice Hires A Wolf As Head Of Marketing

Old Spice Hires A Wolf As Head Of Marketing

Old Spice switches from a shirtless man to a talking wolf for their latest campaign.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 14 march 2013

Old Spice and the Wieden + Kennedy creative team are at it again.

First, they gave us the legendary ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’:

Followed by the even more outlandish Terry Crews Muscle Music:

So it should be no surprise that in their latest offbeat marketing effort, Old Spice is hiring a wolf. As their mascot? Of course not, that’d be preposterous.

He’s the new Director of Marketing.

In conjunction with the promotion of their new ‘Wild’ collection, which debuted during the Super Bowl, Old Spice decided to hire ‘someone from the wild.’ Meet Director Wolfdog.

Mr. Wolfdog, who is a wolf that uses a voice modulator to talk ‘human words’ at you, is one of Old Spice’s most intriguing marketing tactics yet. Sure, most of the time Mr. Wolfdog sits behind a desk covered in ‘cliché businessman decorations’ to prove that he is ‘definitely successful in business, and definitely NOT just a wild animal.’ And yes, he even demonstrates his marketing prowess by seducing you during his introduction, and then taunts you: ‘that’s marketing, that I just did to you. And it’s how I get business done.’

But there’s more there than meets the eye.

While the quirky new marketing certainly has stopping power, the more surprising quality of the campaign is its depth. Mr. Wolfdog has his own website/blog – where he provides business acumen replete with outdated GIFs, fonts, and ads – and his own Twitter account. Mr. Wolfdog blogs and tweets frequently, and when he’s not trying to sell you Old Spice in broken English, he’s engaging users by offering to help do their homework or play Call of Duty.

The approach is spot-on for an Old Spice brand that has managed to separate itself as one of the quirkier big-name brands on the market with their switch to W+K. The snark and sarcasm keep fresh a campaign that could quickly turn cheesy, with Mr. Wolfdog dropping tidbits like, ‘sometimes you gotta eat people America, that’s how business works.’

With promises to make Old Spice ‘the wildest brand in the world’, check out Mr. Wolfdog below:

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Old Spice

Wieden + Kennedy

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