Robot Butler Separates Oreo Cookies For Its Owner [Video]

Robot Butler Separates Oreo Cookies For Its Owner [Video]

HERB is robotic helper that is programmed to scrape off the cream from the biscuit.

Yi Chen
  • 12 march 2013

Oreo’s latest campaign proposes the question, “Cookies or cream?” to its fans worldwide. The Oreo Separator campaign has seen quirky machines that were specifically built to separate the cream from the biscuit.

In its fourth online video installation, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University reveals a robotic butler named HERB that can serve its owner Oreo cookies without the cream. It’s built with sensors and arms that can hold delicate objects with precision.

HERB-Oreo-separator-robot-cleaning-the cookie

The artificial intelligence has been programmed to detect and pickup Oreo cookies before twisting it with both of its “hands” to separate it. After this, it will slide the cookie with the cream over a mandolin, wipe off the remaining cream, and then serve it to its owner.

See HERB in action in the video below:


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