Split-Screen Photos Merge Paris Of The 1910s With The Present [Pics]

Split-Screen Photos Merge Paris Of The 1910s With The Present [Pics]

Photographer Audrey Cerdan has created a ‘time machine’ by recapturing photos taken in the past contrasted with modern day.

Emma Hutchings
  • 28 march 2013

Rue89 photographer Audrey Cerdan was recently sent to recapture a series of color photos of Paris from the early twentieth century, taken under the direction of Albert Kahn. A ‘time machine’ of sorts shows the images captured in the 1910s next to ones taken in the same location in modern day Paris.

Color Photographs Merge 1910s Paris With The Modern Day City [Pics]

The website has placed the photographs side by side, with a slider so you can extend either image and see how much the city has changed. Cerdan, along with Pascal Riché, wanted to revisit the places where their favorite photographs from the collection were taken.

They scanned the original photos and used Google Street View to search for the areas, creating a map of the different locations. They tried to set the camera up in the same place as before, which was sometimes difficult as cars were parked there or buildings had been constructed since that time. Click through to see some of the split images showing Paris past and present:



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