Razorfish exec talks to PSFK on the audience-driven AXE Anarchy campaign [partner supported]

In today’s media-saturated environment, how do you grab people’s attention? Traditional ads on any number of screens in people’s lives just aren’t that effective with thousands of competitors scrambling for the same eyeballs. So how can a campaign stand out from the noise?

Razorfish Creative Director Alex Bodman found a way with the AXE Anarchy campaign. An audience-driven comic book narrative, it built a huge level of sustained engagement by giving the users complete control of the narrative. It became the the first comic that was book written by and starred its readers, and the project was serialized over 4 months with a new page created every 2 days. PSFK and Creative Sandbox hosted a Google+ Hangout with Bodman to get some insights into this innovative campaign, watch it below:

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