Artist Creates Living Petri Dish Painting For Every Day Of The Year

Artist Creates Living Petri Dish Painting For Every Day Of The Year
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Klari Reis has combined art and science as part of her newest creative output.

Betsy Mead
  • 7 march 2013

Science and art, disciplines traditionally viewed as polar opposites, are melded together in spectacular fashion by artist Klari Reisinside a petri dish. The San Francisco-based creator, who studied at City and Guilds of London Art School, has used her base as a hub of scientific and tech research to marry elements of science and the visual arts in her unique installations. She has already exhibited beyond the UK and US, having featured in China and even in the UAE.

This particularly eye-catching installation, entitled ‘ The Daily Dish 2013’ features 365 several painstakingly painted petri-dishes, one of which Reis posts on her Facebook page on a daily basis. She previously undertook a similar project four years ago, in 2009. The dishes range from a red-hued Valentine’s day arrangement to another that is reminiscent of a lily pad in a lake. 

The works themselves are made reflective epoxy polymer, and, in her own words, “explore our complex relationship with today’s biotechnological industry.”

A selection of these innovative a look at the innovative project in the gallery below.

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