Swedish Store Introduces Mannequins That Look Like Real Women

Swedish Store Introduces Mannequins That Look Like Real Women

Retail models have never painted a very accurate picture but things might be changing.

Ross Brooks
  • 29 march 2013

The Swedish store Athlens has decided to break away from the status quo and start using mannequins that actually represent the sizes of a normal human female. Size 14 is what can be called normal, with the average women falling somewhere between a size 12 and 16.

This comes as a small but significant victory for those who have long known something wasn’t right. Especially when you look at the contemporary image of what’s considered an average weight. Often a body shape reserved for olympians or those who have decided food no longer serves a purpose in their life.

What makes this such good news for women is the viral nature of this particular photo, which first gained popularity on Facebook. It shows the issue is something people have been feeling unhappy about and given the opportunity to speak out, are willing to bring about some real changes.

Further proof can be seen coming from the UK chain store Debenhams, that has begun trialling the use of size 16 models in some of their stores. If enough big names support the movement, there could come a day when shopping is no longer a guilt ridden experience, but a chance to feel good about what you’re buying and how it will make you look.



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