Spinning RFID-Enabled Plates Showcase Student Artworks [Video]

Spinning RFID-Enabled Plates Showcase Student Artworks [Video]

Interactive exhibit uses radio frequencies to project various works.

Yi Chen
  • 19 march 2013

DIZAJN is a concept exhibition space that showcases works of FH Mainz students in Germany. All the works are labelled at the bottom of a plate, and by selecting and rotating a different dinnerware, a specific video is projected on the screen in front of it.

The back of the plates are embedded with RFID tags, and every plate has five different radio frequencies. Visitors can choose among various plates lying in front of them, and place these plates into a hole in the table. By spinning the plate, a new RFID signal is sent to the computer so a new projection gets shown.


The projects are vaguely categorized by a verb, noun, or adjective. Visitors won’t know what they will be shown and whether it’s a film, design project, or graphic art. Watch the video below to see  this unique exhibit in action.

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