Robot Bartender Mixes Cocktails In Under 10 Seconds

Robot Bartender Mixes Cocktails In Under 10 Seconds

'Bartendro' is an open-source, Raspberry Pi-powered, cocktail dispensing machine, that can serve more than 200 drinks in an evening.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 march 2013

We’ve seen robot bartenders before and now you can own one for yourself as Party Robotics’ Bartendro has a Kickstarter campaign. The modular, open-source cocktail dispensing robot can make precision cocktails quickly and repeatedly.

The lightweight and portable machine can be easily transported to different venues and events. It is able to make a drink in just ten seconds and can serve over 200 drinks in an evening.

You can control Bartendro with a smartphone or tablet over wi-fi, using a special admin screen to manage dispensers, ingredients, and drink recipes. You can also view reports of the drinks made and the quantities of ingredients used.

Raspberry Pi Robot Bartender Can Mix A Cocktail In Under 10 Seconds

Bartendro is easy to set up and cleans up in around five minutes. It features food-grade tubing, a Raspberry Pi computer, and peristaltic pumps, which dispense a known volume with every revolution of the motor to precisely meter drinks.

Bartendro is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can get your hands on robots that can mix different amounts of drinks, from the Shotbot ($249) that can serve one shot, up to the Bartendro 15 ($2,499) which comes with 15 dispensers. You can check out the campaign video below:


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