Barista Bot adds an extra level of ownership to a cup of coffee.

For someone with a commonly misspelled name or just a common name in general, the trend of writing names on the sides of coffee cups at your local Starbucks is more of an annoyance than anything else. Barista Bot seeks to truly personalize that tall non-fat double latte by painting your portrait onto the foam.

First, a human snaps a picture of the drinker and digitizes it on the computer,  then the machine's robotic arm and a jet spray of coffee, it creates your semblance on the foam. No more confusion. Of course, this Bot isn't going to be seen at any coffee shops anytime soon, it is just a fun marketing stunt from the folks at GE, providing free coffee to the festival goers at SXSW with a bit of flair. It was engineered and produced by Hypersonic  in collaboration with Rock Paper Robot, Jamie Zigelbaum, and Kyle McDonald.

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