Redesigned Truck Has No Blind Spots [Pics]

Redesigned Truck Has No Blind Spots [Pics]
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New plans for vehicles in the UK feature larger windows, lower seating positions, and a lower bumper.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 march 2013

The London Cycling Campaign has introduced plans for its new Safer Urban Truck in the UK, which its hopes the construction industry will adopt in order to reduce the shocking number of truck-cyclist fatalities. The truck design features a lower seating position, which gives the driver an improved view of what’s happening around the vehicle, significantly reducing the risk to pedestrians and cyclists.

Larger side windows and windscreen provide enhanced visibility to the front and the side. These high-visibility glass panels mean the area to the front-left of the truck is clear to see.

Redesigned Truck Has No Blind Spots, Helping Drivers' Visibility [Pics]

The designs feature a lower bumper and sideguards, increasing the chance that a cyclist will be pushed to the side in case of a collision, rather than being dragged underneath the wheels.

Early-warning cameras enable the driver to see a 360° view around the truck inside the cab so they can see other road users at the sides and rear of the truck. London Cycling Campaign haulage expert and former truck driver Charlie Lloyd said:

Our Safer Urban Truck design is a challenge to the construction industry to use vehicles that help reduce the terrible number of people on bikes and on foot who are killed by trucks. The restricted view from the cab of many of today’s construction trucks means the driver often has little or no idea who or what is in their immediate vicinity, which is totally unacceptable.

Click through to see images of the Safer Urban Truck design:

London Cycling Campaign

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