Teachers Calculate Grades In Minutes With Their Phones

Teachers Calculate Grades In Minutes With Their Phones

A forthcoming concept by three educators may change the way teachers gather test scores to make the process more efficient.

Betsy Mead
  • 1 march 2013

Teachers may soon be able to sync technology and test grading with an innovative new idea formulated by one of their own. Walter O. Duncan IV, an educator who currently works in Cambridge, Mass and his co-founders–also teachers and entrepreneurs–Marlon Davis and Isaac Van Wesep, came up with ‘Quick Key.’ The software allows teachers to scan test pages, obtain grades, fill in comments and share results quickly.

The origin of the app goes back to 2007 when Duncan tested his students every day to see how much they had taken in, but found it extremely burdensome to write and grade their results on a daily basis. So he began to scan them using his iPhone and realized that this could be translated to a widely useful educational tool.

Duncan, who has taught for 13 years, including in underprivileged areas in Detroit, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, said that although a tentative model has been created, they need guinea-pigs. He commented,

We worked hard to build an amazing prototype. But now we need real teachers to beta test Quick Key. My goal was to recruit 100 teachers with the video. As of tonight, over 1,000 people have signed up to learn about beta testing.

Fellow creator Van Wesep seems confident that the product will take hold. As he noted to TechCrunch,

We do not have customers as we are pre-beta but the video did drive over 10,000 visitors to our site in 48 hours. Our company is the only one making a product like Quick Key with real working K-12 teachers on the founding team. Since teachers designed Quick Key, it actually works for teachers, instead of making work for teachers.

Quick Key has already seen a large degree of success, having garnered a front-page spot on Reddit and 260,000 YouTube views, as well as raising $99,500 in capital to go towards the realization of the app.

The software will operate under the company that the three have founded, called Design By Educators, and, judging from the rapturous reception, ought to have plenty of fans once it a final version is released.

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