Service Allows People To Share Screens In One Click [Video]

Service Allows People To Share Screens In One Click [Video]

'Click with Me Now' lets users easily transmit from one interface to another.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 march 2013

Have you ever tried to book a trip with a friend over the phone, each of you looking at your personal computer screens trying to communicate the deals you’re finding? It is a difficult task, often involving emailing links and a lot of frustration. Click With Me Now is a service that would eliminate all frustrations and make it feel as if your decision-making partner is in the room with you.

The service would be embedded in websites where consumers make important yet infrequent purchases such as travel, insurance or financial services. Founders Mark Cosimo, Brian Handrigan and Mike Behr found that these are things that people buy with advice from others. Says Handrigan, when making these choices:

Often we want a trusted second pair of eyes looking over our shoulder; a web sharing partner if you will. As social creatures, we want the confirmation or affirmation that we are making a good choice.


Click With Me Now would be placed on website much like Twitter or Facebook ‘share’ buttons, so that a visitor to the site can simply click the button and  are prompted to send an email to a friend, inviting them to share the screen. It is as simple as that. You don’t ever have to leave the webpage you are on and there is no registration, no downloading, no cost, just sharing.

Beyond major financial purchases, Click With Me Now can also be used where an opinion is often wanted most: clothes shopping. The internet can be a lonely place to shop, but the service adds a social dimension letting people window shop together from the ease of their couches in different cities.

The program is a 2013 SXSW Interactive Accelerator finalist and the company has plans to release the screen sharing technology to the general public later on this year.

Watch Cosimo and Handrigan present their product at a DEMO event last year:

Click With Me Now

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