Audiences Rate How Bands Perform Live

Audiences Rate How Bands Perform Live

Showscoop harnesses the opinions and experiences of concertgoers to rate how good performers are on stage.

Plus Aziz
  • 12 march 2013

If you’ve ever experienced a band that sounds great on the album, but deliver a mediocre live show, you will appreciate the work Showscoop is undertaking. ShowScoop is a place where users can review, and keep track of the concerts they’ve attended. Their goal is to become the Yelp for live music. This means answering the question ‘how good is that band live?’. It also empowers concertgoers by giving them an idea before actually purchasing a ticket or inviting friends to join. There isn’t a source that taps into the wisdom of crowds and quantitatively weighs an artist’s live performance.

This is not only a platform for concertgoers, but for bands as well; particularly bands that deliver a great show but don’t have the resources to do a professionally produced record. In an email exchange we had with founder Micah Smurthwaite, he pointed out that bands are also likely to benefit from the idea driving Showscoop’s growth:

Because tour revenue is gaining an increasing share of an artist’s total revenue showmanship is more important than ever. Fans want to connect with the artist. When artists tell a personal story or engage the crowd in a unique way fans become more loyal. On the flip side, when artists neglect the crowd, or just don’t sound good live, fans won’t be repeat customers. Wikipedia, IMDB and Yelp are all examples of great information sources that have all been created by passionate users. Yelp incentivizes their most prolific users by making them “Elite Squad” members. Our most active users are part of the “Road Crew”, to whom we give free concert tickets, opportunities to meet other Road Crew members and artists. Hopefully this becomes a useful tool for concert-goers, as well as artists that can get more exposure from positive reviews.

The app enables users to follow other trusted users or a band. Users will rate the band based on stage presence, crowd interaction, sound quality, and visual effects. Naturally, users can also post images from the show directly to Showscoop. To see the app in action, watch Teksocial’s walk-through video below:


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