Sidewalk Billboards Can Function As Furnished Walls For Houses [Video]

Sidewalk Billboards Can Function As Furnished Walls For Houses [Video]

HomePro created The Other Side project to help disadvantaged people in Thailand who use the wood from ads to build homes.

Yi Chen
  • 13 march 2013

HomePro is one of the largest household hardware stores in Thailand. Recently, it came up with a heart-touching campaign to help those living in underprivileged neighborhoods. The Other Side project involves creating outdoor billboards that don’t just deliver an ad message, but they also double as a housing wall.

In Thailand, a popular form of advertising is using sidewalk signboards. These boards are often destroyed by the government when the campaign is over. However, people living in disadvantaged communities often use these boards to build and maintain their homes.


Knowing that many Thai people used the signboards to fix their shelters, HomePro decided to “dedicate the other side of the signboard to make their life better.” On one side of the board is the printed advert, while on the other side, the board is outfitted with a nice wallpaper and fixtures such as shelves, hangers, and lights. When the campaign is over, people can take these signs home and reuse it to remodel their homes.


Watch the video below to find out more about the Other Side project:


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